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Security Professional Development

Cylance courses teach their clients to truly leverage Cylance technology. Free and fee-based training is designed to deliver the skill set security professionals need to both find/fix vulnerabilities and recognize/respond to attacks using proven methodologies to ensure remediation.

Targeted Training That Works

Get Accredited
Boost expertise to prevent malware and zero-day attacks from executing on corporate endpoints. Training courses include: Engage, Enable, Essentials, Empower, Prevention Level 1, and Cylance Security Professional (CSP) Accreditation.

Intensive ThreatZERO Training
Build your understanding of CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS. Knowledge transfer training covers the basic and advanced knowledge you need to maintain a state of prevention in endpoint environments and secure your network.

Incident Response Training
Fortify your organization’s security and incident response capabilities. Courses include: Incident Response Technical Training, Incident Response Table Top Exercises, Executive Level “Secure Yourself,” and A Guide to Threat Hunting Using ELK Stack and Machine Learning.

Red Team Training
Cylance Red Team Training provides industry security professionals like you with the tools, tactics, experience and skills necessary to conduct comprehensive penetration tests – including hands-on labs which emulate real-world networks in a safe, risk-free environment.

Education Stands Out

World-Class Instructors
Our industry-recognized and accredited experts possess knowledge that only comes from working on the frontlines of industry, government and regulatory agencies. They share their hands-on experience with Cylance tools and methodologies to help you master your security environment.

Realistic Scenarios
Simulated environments illustrate the latest attacker tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs), providing a safe way to focus on essential technical skills and strategies that every cybersecurity professional should know – from the basic's to advanced topics like threat hunting.

Tailored to Your Needs
Cylance customized training caters to the needs and goals of your particular organization and accommodates multiple learning styles to keep employees engaged and progressing quickly. We focus on your goals to meet the needs of participants and additional stakeholders.

Cylance Deep Dive
Fully understand and get the most out of our technology. Participants learn to implement, manage and support our proprietary technologies and prevention-based methodologies through a series of lectures, interactive exercises, group discussions and “hands-on” labs.

Education Services

Cylance Education Services provide organizations with the tools and support to get the most out of the Cylance Prevention Platform™. Cylance’s world-class training courses empower customers to maximize their endpoint security posture. Take things slowly or dive right in — Cylance’s training team is ready to meet customers’ needs.

Cylance Education Services provide instruction on how to install, configure, and operate CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS™. Customers will boost their security skills organization-wide and gain a strong understanding of the path to zero threats, ensuring solutions are optimized to achieve and maintain a state of true threat prevention.

Cylance Education Services include an array of options:

Instructor-Led Classroom Training
Attend Cylance instructor-led courses to gain hands-on experience using a lab environment with practical exercises. The class provides participants with practical experience in how CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS can be used to provide the most effective protection from advanced persistent threats and malware executing on an organization’s endpoints.

Customized On-Site Training
Cylance instructors can conduct training on-site that is designed specifically for each customer’s environment. Participants receive high-quality instructional training tailored to their needs while using the Cylance lab environment. This program is ideal for organizations that want to train its employees on the unique challenges existing in their environment.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training
Reduce travel costs by attending an online instructor-led training. Virtual training is delivered with hands-on labs delivering an effective learning experience that minimizes the expense of classroom training — no travel and less time away.

Available on-demand 24x7 through the Cylance Learning Center, eLearning courses provide access to education curriculum or just-in-time learning at the user’s convenience. Courses are structured in learning paths that develop skillsets in focus areas, and the self-paced modules provide a great way to learn the principles.

Cylance’s team is comprised of industry-leading experts in the most advanced technologies. With Cylance Education Services, customers gain a trusted advisor to meet their goals in all areas of endpoint security — delivered consistently with a focus on providing the highest quality and customer satisfaction.


Cylance Education Services empower organizations with technical training and a personalized experience that maximizes return on investment and increases overall security effectiveness.


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