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Incident Response and Containment
Gain Assistance Responding To a Suspected Security Incident

Cybersecurity is a pressing issue for virtually all industries and businesses of all sizes. Most organizations agree that they must be prepared for the inevitable. Those with a well-prepared incident response plan can respond to incidents more quickly, and minimize the potential liability that can arise from the breach. As part of that plan, outsourcing incident management is a viable security approach for many organizations.

Cylance Consulting’s Incident Containment (Response) service provides the investigative support and direction an organization needs during an incident. Roadmaps for remediation will be planned and executed by our world-renowned experts to ensure the incident comes to a close.


Gain the Advantage

Proven AI/ML Methodology

Proven AI/ML Methodology
Get ahead of the kill chain and prevent incidents before they happen, not after data, systems and reputation are damaged. We can even look back forensically to evaluate previous attacks, to address vulnerabilities.

Faster, More Accurate Results

Faster, More Accurate Results
Leveraging the power of artificiaI intelligence, results are more accurate and come faster – in weeks instead of months. Gain greater visibility, signs of a past intrusion can be evaluated across all operating systems and devices.

Low System/Organizational Impact

Low System/Organizational Impact
No agent/hardware installation means speedy response times, lower costs and threat actors are not alerted. Native scripts capture meta data for cloud analysis allowing consultants to work remotely for cost savings.

Prevention is the Goal

Prevention is the Goal
Our team of experts work to quickly resolve the incident and restore operations – ensuring the event is contained and remediated, and the organization’s security posture is also improved to prevent future attacks.

Service Overview

Cylance Consulting will assist your organization with responding to a suspected security incident. Our approach is to stop the active threat while applying proprietary tools and processes to quickly diagnose the environment and remedy the situation. Activities include:

Incident Containment

  • Investigative support and direction
  • Malware, forensic, and log analysis
  • Remediation planning and assistance
  • Regular status reporting and project management-related activities
  • Reporting and/or presentations associated with findings and recommendations

Forensics Investigation

  • Determine the investigation scope
  • Create an investigative plan
  • Conduct forensic acquisition of electronic data
  • Adhere to strict chain-of-custody procedures
  • Analyze acquired data
  • Report and/or present on findings and recommendations


Cylance Consulting will furnish a comprehensive report detailing:

Ensure your organization has access to experienced IR experts before you are faced with a security incident. Contact Cylance Consulting or your technology provider to discuss your incident response needs.


Download the BlackBerry Cylance Incident Containment Datasheet (.PDF)